• Oren Rosenfeld

"KIKI"a short story of an Epic Journey

By Oren Rosenfeld

Civil War and political unrest in Ethiopia put the local Jewish community spread out around this beautiful African country in grave risk.Kiki a baby at the time and her whole village was forced to flee and embark on a dangerous journey that many did not survive.Walking for days across the Ethiopian Desert into Sudan and to finally be rescued by Israeli Mossad agents and taken to Jerusalem to Zion where according to tradition they still believed King Solomons 2nd Jewish Temple of Gold was still standing.

Kiki grew up in Jerusalem,Israel and like every 18 year old Israeli had to enlist for mandatory Military service, she joined the special forces and soon found herself in foreign countries carrying out dangerous missions, however one day while on a mission in Gaza things started to go wrong and she was stabbed and left for dead while her teammates managed to rescue her and she was flown by helicopter to an Israeli hospital where they managed to stitch her back up and saved her life.

Today Kiki works as a part time model and full time mother and takes pride in her many scars and truly amazing and inspirational story.

Photos by Oren Rosenfeld (c) 2019

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