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For the Economist from Tel Aviv

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

latest published work - Directed/Produced by Oren Rosenfeld

About the Chef :

Chef Nir Mesika grew up in Israel but can trace his ancestry to Egypt and Morocco. Mesika’s grandfather, a highly regarded pastry chef born in Morocco, immigrated to Israel where he opened his own bakery. Nir’s grandmother oversaw a household of nine children, with the older siblings learning to cook for the younger ones. His mother became an excellent cook and over time imparted her recipes and culinary secrets on her son. The memories of his cooking with her and of ancient Moroccan flavors still inform his cooking today, providing diners with a cross-cultural experience.

Mesika’s food is inspired by traditional Jewish cuisines, but with a twist; it’s all about taking the classics — what he grew up on — and melding it with his own interpretations based on his experiences and culinary style”.

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