• Oren Rosenfeld

Filming in Jerusalem courthouse for the Australian TV

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Covering the disturbing court hearings of Malka Leifer an Ultra Orthodox Jewish Pedophile for the Australian tv networks from Jerusalem district court this week.

The accused pedophile is being protected by members of her sect and has enlisted the vice minister of health to pressure the psychiatrists and medical examiners in her favor.

Nicole Mayor one of the accused Australian victims writes in her facebook"A bail request was issued to the Court for Leifer's release. The Hearing is Scheduled for the 2nd October at 10am before Judge Vinograd.

Vinograd previously agreed to bail (Grossman fiasco - appealed in supreme court) and subsequently denied bail at another hearing, strongly hoping he denies bail again."

We will be there filming this ongoing drama as it unfolds and exposes wide scale corruption on Ministerial levels and victims that are being dragged into endless emotional frustration in their quest for justice.If it wasn't for us the media that keeps the story in the news this monster would have been released already and who knows how many others would've been hurt by her.

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Photo by:Oren Rosenfeld(c)2019

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