• Oren Rosenfeld

Covering Operation "Black Belt" between Israel & the Palestinian Islamic Jihad for DW & HAPPS News

Holy Land Productions professional teams have covered the latest up-flair of violence between #Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad from #Gaza reporting live for #HAPPSNEWS and for German TV DW on the Israeli side of the border from what is now called operation "Black Belt" that

started when Israeli war planes killed an Islamic Jihad Militant commander in charge of firing #rockets into Israeli cities, as result over 450 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel and over 100 Israelis have been injured and damage was estimated in well over 100 Million$.

On the Palestinian side 21 Islamic Jihadists where killed in counter strikes and 8 innocent civilians, all this carnage in only 3 days.

Sadly With no political or Military solution on the horizon the next round of violence is just around the corner.

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